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Research and Development

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We have a world-class R&D team with biochemists, entomologists and pesticide experts as the main framework, as well as global partners of many universities and research institutions including Michigan State University, firmly occupying the industry. At the forefront, continuous innovation, using the world's leading biotechnology to provide comprehensive solutions for China's green environmental protection pest control.

Prof. Alan Cork, doctor of entomology, graduated from Bokebeier collagen of ULC with the master degree of organic chemistry from University of North London and the bachelor degree of chemistry from University of Southampton. He has been the biology professor in University of London and published 75 papers, four monographs such as ‘In Pheromone Communication in Moth’, and many patents.

Prof. Gadi. Reddy, doctor of entomology, is the post doctor of Lausanne laboratory in UK, the professor of West Triangle Agricultural Research Center in Montana State University in USA, the senior ecologist of Ecological Society of America, the member of Insect Society of America and Ecological Society of America, the visiting scholar in the department of ecology and environmental science in University of Kuopio in Finland and the visiting scholar in college of chemical and environment in Barcelona in Spain. He has published more than 100 papers, been prized of National Crop Research Award by National Agricultural Information Center, been taking charge of several national profects such as ‘Guam mikaniamicrantha biological control’, and is the editors of several international journal such as ‘Environmental Entomology’ and ‘The American Entomological Society Annual’.

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